Earphone Jack Malfunctions


Has your audio jack stopped working? The first thing you should do is make sure it is the device that is malfunctioning and that the audio jack is completely clear and clean. If the problem is simply a broken pair of earbuds or headphones, the best option would be to buy new earbuds or headphones rather than bring in your device for an unnecessary repair. Also, make sure your device doesn’t have lint in it or other residue that may be causing issues.

Your audio jack may have an issue from a variety of possibilities but we promise that our services will bring new life to your device. By repairing your audio jack, you can show off to your friends with an aux cord or you can play some tunes while walking down the street with earbuds.

If you’re sure that it is your device that is malfunctioning at its audio jack, bring it in and we can double check for you. We can also give you a free quote on the cost of repairing your device. We are looking out for you and we recommend that you let us prove our skills that will benefit you. Bring in your device today and we promise quick and quality service meant for your satisfaction!